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Our Growler Exchange Program

Are you missing growler fills as much as we are? Well we have now implemented a solution we think you'll love!

We here at Faculty understand the struggle to balance the desire to stay green while also staying safe and sanitary during this pandemic. Faculty's new Growler Exchange program is an easy eco-solution that will solve this dilemma in a fun, environmentally responsible way!

How it works:

1. Bring your clean 1.9L growler down to the Faculty Tasting Room (Make sure this isn’t one you will be sad to part with)

2. We will fill a clean, sanitized growler from our library for you to take home and enjoy

3. Repeat

Our sanitization process involves cleaning and heating the growlers up to 85 degrees Celsius in our dishwasher which sterilizes the growler, killing any trace of a possible virus. The CDC reports that a temperature of 74 degrees Celsius is sufficient to sterilize against COVID-19 (link below)

This process takes time, so we will sanitize a new batch of clean growlers every day and will have them ready to be filled with the beer of your choice.

This is a great way to promote other local breweries in the synergistic manner we love, where everybody wins! Come in and fill a growler with us today!

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