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If you're interested in purchasing a keg of our beer for an event, or to serve on tap at your restaurant or bar, please contact us!


Want Faculty Brewing Co. beer for your event? We sell kegs and can lend you dispensing equipment (and show you how to use it!). 



We're a small brewery, and our taps rotate constantly. Give us a shout, and we can tell you which beers will be available to order for the date you need your keg!


20L KEG = $130 for keg + GST + Liquor Tax + $100 deposit

We can also rent you the dispensing equipment you need.


Hand Pump* + Party Line =  $15 Rental + GST + $50 Deposit 

For rental inquiries, please send an email to! This inbox is checked Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm.

* We have a limited number of hand pumps. Please reserve your rental early to ensure you can get one. The maximum rental time is seven days, with a $10 charge every day over seven days. All orders require 24 hours' notice. Please call ahead before collection.





There are three key components of serving draught beer.


1. Keeping the beer cold. We recommend keeping it in a large tub with ice. (We can provide you with one of these.) A warm keg takes about 48 hours to cool down again, so it's essential to keep it chilly.


2. Pushing the beer out of the keg. You've got two options here: a hand pump or CO2. Hand pumps are the simplest, but as they introduce oxygen to the keg, the beer must be finished the same day. Using CO2 will keep the beer fresh, so if you don't finish the keg, you can continue to drink it afterwards.


3. How to dispense. The easiest option is a party line, a simple hose with a faucet at the end. This is extremely easy to use. The nicest-looking option is a jockey box, a cooler with tap handles attached to it and coils inside that cool the beer as it passes through the line.


Check out the video for step-by-step instructions on how to use a party pump.


If you have any questions, please call us at the tasting room!

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