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NEW PILOT BREW | Faculty x Wize Monkey: Mango Party Cream Ale

We have been brewing up a cool new collaboration with Wize Monkey! The Faculty Brew Team and Wize Monkey is experimenting to make the world’s first Coffee Leaf Tea beer: Mango Party Cream Ale.

February 8th, we experimented with infusing Wize Monkey’s fan-favourite Mango Party tea into a cream ale. The results are awesome.

Wize Monkey, at its simplest, creates delicious tea by upcycling extra coffee plant leaves sourced from Nicaragua. They apply traditional rolling and oxidizing techniques from the tea industry to the coffee leaf, and the result is a uniquely smooth and lightly caffeinated “Coffee Leaf Tea.” They are constantly experimenting with ways Coffee Leaf Tea can be consumed, from cocktails to cookies to kombucha, and now beer!

Let’s talk beer.

For this brew, we went with a smooth and crushable cream ale as our base. Cream ales are stylistically clean, well-attenuated, and refreshing. We went with this style for both the thirst quenching characteristics and to let the delicious mango flavours from the Coffee Leaf Tea shine in this brew. As for hops, we brewed with Mandarina Bavaria to tie in some citrus aromas with the tropical fruit notes from the tea.

We add the Wize Monkey Mango Party tea right at whirlpool much like when you are making a cup at home. We use large mesh bags and let it steep in the beer to extract all the delicious mango flavour. We then remove the tea, add yeast, and let the beer ferment!