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Hello folks! As you may already know, on Thursdays we release our experimental beers. This can be anything from cool cask, pilots, or just weird fermentation experiments.

This week we have a super special beer release happening this EBT ( Experimental Beer Thursdays). Its our 729 Brut IPA.

729 Brut IPA

What is a Brut IPA?

The Brut IPA is a new and emerging style born out of San Fransisco. The style “Brut IPA” was named after it’s shockingly similar qualities to Champagne: super dry with high carbonation. This beer has a high ABV (Alcohol by Volume), pale in colour, light bodied, and gives of delicious and complex aromas from the hops.

Jacquie, Head Brewer, checking the gravity of the beer ( 0 Plato )

How did we make the beer?

This IPA is an all grain brew using 2-Row and Maris Otter. We then add enzymes during fermentation to break down sugars and drop the gravity to 0 Plato. What does this mean? It means this IPA is bone dry and dangerously easy-drinking. We also added a hearty addition of Citra hops in the whirlpool with a generous dry-hop of Galaxy and Amarillo gives this beer complex hop aromas with notes of ripe stone fruit and citrus.

Expect a crisp and light-bodied mouthfeel with subtle hints of citrus zest on the palette.

ABV: 7.4%

IBU: 50

On tap today, June 7th, in the tasting room.

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