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Faculty Brewing Study Group

The study group is back! Looking to take your Cicerone Exam October 17th, or keen just to learn about beer styles? Faculty Brewing Co. is hosting a study group for anyone interested in expanding their beer knowledge! With 2 current industry Cicerones leading the group, we are offing a 6-week tasting session open to anyone.

We are looking to create a casual, yet engaging study session here in our brewery. We will be tasting, comparing, and discussing a range of beer styles commonly found on the Cicerone exam. Additionally, one of these tastings will focus on off-flavours in beer and the brewing process. Glassware and beer will be provided.

Price: $175 - all 6 tasting sessions. Available to purchase through Eventbrite or at the brewery.

Dates: Sept 9th - October 15th

Time: Monday evenings, 7pm - 9pm * October 13 class moved to Tuesday due to Thanksgiving!


Week 1 (Sept 9) - English and Scottish Ales

Week 2 (Sept 16) - German Bocks, Stouts, Porters

Week 3 (Sept 23) - Wheat Beers (American, German, Belgian) & miscellaneous

Week 4 (Sept 30) - Belgian Ales (Trappist & Sours)

Week 5 (Oct 7) - Off Flavor Tasting / Brewery Tour / Tap Cleaning Demonstration

Week 6 (Oct 15*) *Tuesday* - Light & Amber Lagers (German & American)

Our Cicerones:

Brendan Grills

Brendan fell into the craft beer world in his first year at SFU. He had joined the home brewing club (SFBrew) and was elected president the following week. From there, Brendan started volunteering and working at a number of breweries in the lower mainland (DeepCove, Steamworks, Whistler) and persuing his Cicerone Certification, which he passed November of 2014. Since then Brendan has been heavily involved in the craft beer scene both through the service industry and as a BC Beer Awards judge!

Rachel Warner

Rachel was born and raised in Whistler, BC and loves beer as much as she loves the mountains. It all started with her first batch of homebrewed beer (which was a disaster). It was a rocky start, but many brews later Rachel realized how rewarding the process was when her recipes came to life. Rachel has worked in a handful of the breweries during the rise of craft beer in Vancouver, handling the Marketing, Sales and Innovation at Faculty Brewing and eventually following her love for beer to pursue her Cicerone Certification. You can find Rachel at any of the local beer festivals dressed up as The Hop, exploring the local craft breweries, or brewing in her own backyard.

Any questions? Feel free to email us at

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