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A beer style from the land of Red Sox and hard water, this New England-style IPA is punchier than the 2011 Boston Bruins! Mosaic hops lend hoppy mango, papaya and citrus aromas, in tandem with thiol-based aromas of grapefruit, gooseberry and passion fruit derived from a proprietary yeast strain. This strain has the ability to release bound thiol precursors (which don’t have any associated aromas) naturally present in the beer, and turn them into deliciously aromatic thiols, which are common in white wine, and bring to mind gooseberry, black currant, papaya, passion fruit, and guava.⁠


14lbs Pilsner Malt

5.5lbs Wheat Malt

2.2lbs Oat Malt

2.2lbs Carapils

0.2lbs Rice Hulls


0.25oz Cascade - Mash hops

3.5oz Mosaic - Whirlpool

10oz Mosaic - Dry hop


Mash: 66°C, 60 minutes



Alcohol Content: 6.5 ABV

Bitterness:15 IBU

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