Vancouver's craft beer scene is thriving. Plenty of new breweries open each year. Still, many people are hesitant to ask questions and learn more about how craft beer is made. Faculty Brewing Co. was created to be an inclusive and open environment for beer drinkers of any level. We believe that increasing craft beer education will increase craft beer consumption.


Faculty Brewing Co. is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Mauricio, the head brewer, and Alicia, the architect behind the brewery's design. Seeing a need to make craft beer more accessible to the masses, they found their perfect location in the former space of bicycle shop Pedal Bike Depot and began to make their idea a reality.


The Faculty name was born out of Mauricio's experience as a professor, the wish to educate and empower people with craft beer knowledge, and the idea that the brewery would share all the information behind the brewing process, including the recipes. We aim to work with other breweries and local home brewers to test new recipes and experiment with innovative ideas. Like a university or college, Faculty Brewing Co. is meant to be a place of idea-sharing and collaboration.


Gustavo's passion for beer drove him to an new career in a new country. In 2016, he left a job at a bank in Brazil to start the brewing program at KPU. After completing his studies, he joined the Faculty team to help make awesome beer! Although Gus is Brazilian, he is a terrible soccer player and doesn't know how to samba. He is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys games, super heroes, rock'n'roll, and reading about random stuff on Wikipedia.
Hillary was born and raised in Kelowna, BC and moved to Vancouver for the beer! She has a BCOM, and is currently helping with sales, project management, and slinging pints in the tasting room. Her favourite beer is 250 London Fog Ale. Fun fact: She is also a hobby artist in her spare time and enjoys whipping up home brewed beer!
Jacob is a born and raised Vancouverite who loves fitness and making music in his spare time. He is currently helping with deliveries and enjoys listening to his favourite artists on his delivery routes and working with awesome people. His favourite Faculty beer is currently the 107 Blonde Ale. Fun fact: Currently he is the only redhead in his family.
Jacquie comes from the brewing program at KPU and has a background in science. She moved to Vancouver in 2008 to begin her beer quest. After years of hard work leveling up in the service industry, her studies to become a beer wizard have led her to Faculty. Here she happily participates in the magic of making beer.
Juliana moved to Vancouver from Toronto in 2018. She is always on the hunt for adventure. You can find her spending her days by the ocean, climbing rock walls, walking through new neighbourhoods, and cycling around town. She is also always on the hunt for new and exciting local beers. Her favourite beer at Faculty is currently the 689 Coffee Porter.
When Kalio isn’t ripping around on his bike (or skis), working on someone’s music with coffee in hand, or at a brewery with friends, you’ll find him dreaming about it!
Kelli was one of our first employees that helped open the tasting room. She's passionate about good beer, good branding, and cute dogs. When she's not in the brewery or out on the road selling our beer, you can usually find her out hunting for new beers to try, exploring art galleries, or shopping for more plants.
Mauricio is a Food Engineer specialized in optimization of food manufacturing processes. He moved to Vancouver in 2008 for his Master's in Food Science at UBC. He has worked for Hain Celestial, Molson-Coors, Zag Global and Nectar Juicery. His job has always been related to using good bugs, minimizing bad bugs, and killing ugly bugs. Currently he is an instructor at BCIT and a "jack of all trades" at Faculty.
Mel was raised on Vancouver Island but her family is originally from Squamish. Mel is currently undertaking her Masters degree in Archaeology and is working here at Faculty in production/delivery and serving up perfect pints on the bar. Mel knows a lot about beers and booch and is full of fun facts and historical beer knowledge. Her favourite beer so far was the Women's day Brut IPA collaboration!
Neil moved to Vancouver from Edinburgh, Scotland in the Summer of 2009.
When he's not working behind the bar, you can find Neil playing drums with his local band: The Long War.
Neil's favourite beer is, has always been, and always will be 418 Citra Pale Ale.
New to Vancouver, Nicole spends her time exploring the city by bike, eating tacos, and searching for new music. She joined the Faculty team to learn more about beer and to become part of the vast Vancouver brewery family! Fun fact: She has done 21 solo skydives!
Paige is a classic west coast girl. Her best life is on a mountain with a great view and a beer in hand. If you ever want to talk about hikes in the lower mainland she is your go to person. She grew up in the lower mainland and moved downtown a few years ago with her best friend. If she could she would use every weekend/time off travelling the world and eating all the food she could.
Rachel grew up skiing and hiking in the mountain of Whistler. She got into homebrewing in her first years of university and fell in love with the craft beer scene soon after. You can find Rachel brewing, slinging, or drinking beer. She is also currently in her final year at UBC majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and is excited to get more involved in the craft beer industry once she graduates!
Originally from Southern Alberta, Robyn moved to Vancouver in 2016 with the dream of discovering all of the coffee shops, petting all of the doggos, and drinking all of the amazing craft beer. She is close to succeeding. In her free time she enjoys discovering even more coffee shops, trying to befriend new dogs, and expanding her knowledge on beer. She also enjoys making trips to other cities to see what their coffee, doggo, and craft beer scenes are like.
Robyn relocated to Vancouver in the summer of last year. It was the sea, the mountains and the outdoor lifestyle that brought her to Canada's West Coast from England's East Coast. She believes there are very few situations that can't be improved by a brew (beer and tea are both effective). If you can recommend a good book or a naturally stunning travel destination, she's all ears.
From the UK via Toronto, Sara came to Vancouver in summer 2018 to find out whether West truly is best. When she’s not pouring or enjoying a beer, you can find her checking out live music and discovering new views of the city.
314 Ginger Saison is Sara’s favourite. She smashed her 1000 Beers By 2020 challenge and is currently working on 2020: Every Brewery In BC!
Xander grew up in the Lower Mainland and went to UBC to study Civil Engineering. After working for several engineering consulting companies on jobs throughout BC and the USA, Xander decided to settle back in Vancouver. By late 2017, he was back in school and taking the brewing program at KPU. Xander’s passion for craft beer began circa 2011 when he started home brewing and nerding out with fellow homebrewers at club meetings. He’s also an avid skier, hiker and traveler.
Zoë hails from the East Coast of the USA. She works in Faculty Brewing's office handling Operations and Logistics. In her spare time you can find her somewhere outside with her Formosan Mountain Dog, out exploring Vancouver's food and drink scene, or at home binge watching Netflix. Her favorite beer is the 581 Botanical Ale.
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Kelli was one of our first employees that helped open the tasting room. She's passionate about good beer, good branding, and cute dogs. When she's not in the brewery or out on the road selling our beer, you can usually find her out hunting for new beers to try, exploring art galleries, or shopping for more plants.