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How to Sew Leather on Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

A good heavy duty sewing machine for leather can handle leathers of all thicknesses if the right needle and other necessary accessories are used. Using the right thread is also important. Experts recommend that you avoid using cotton thread because the tannins in the leather will erode your thread over time, which is pretty bad for your sewing. Your heavy-duty sewing machine doesn’t have to be the industrial type; your best heavy duty sewing machine could be the small to mid-range options that you can also use at home.

Use the Right Machine Accessories

To sew leather successfully on your heavy-duty sewing machine, you need to change the foot. You may want to try Teflon foot, also known as a non-sticky foot. The foot will allow your leather to glide through without sticking.

You can also try a good heavy duty sewing machine with a roller foot because the rollers will control the movement of the leather underfoot as you sew. You can also try the walking foot, which is also referred to as even-feed foot. This foot has the feed dog that works with other feed dogs to hold the leather from top to bottom and feed it evenly through the machine. You should find any of these feet on even the portable heavy duty sewing machine or the low and medium range sewing machines in the market.

Other Items You Should Use

Experts recommend that you use polyester or nylon thread instead of cotton. Polyester or upholstery thread or nylon threads are much better and more efficient for sewing leather because you may easily damage the cotton thread.

It would be best if you also considered using a long stitch length. You can set your machine at 4, which is the most extended stitch length on some machines. The stitch length may vary depending on the machine, but you must ensure your option is at least 3-4mm long. Shorter stitches are known to perforate the leather, causing them to tear.

Secure Your Thread Ends with Knot and Hold Leather in Place Without Pins

Though pins are used in holding layers of fabrics in sewing, they are, however, unsuitable for sewing leather on your heavy duty home sewing machine. You can, however, use the quilter’s holding clips in place of the pins. They will hold your leather together but make sure there are no sharp edges on them that can cut through your leather.

When sewing leather, it is essential to secure the threads at the beginning and the end of each row of stitching. You can do this by tying them in a knot, as opposed to backstitching. Sewing back and forth on leather can lead to perforations, which could also lead to tearing or splitting in the leather. Make sure you don’t place the knot directly on your stitching line.

In addition to choosing the Top Heavy Duty Sewing Machines For Beginners, if you are a beginner, make sure you take your time to sew properly on leather material. You can increase your speed as you become an expert.